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Eloise or, the Realities
by Ibrahim R. Ineke
• When young Eloise moves from the city to a small suburb with her parents, she's ready to leave behind daydreams and fantasies. But she soon discovers she needs her imagination now more than ever. Who is the Green Man? Why are her new friend's parents never home...and who or what is living in their garden? Inspired in part by classic tv-serials such as Children of the Stones and The Owl Service, this evocative tale explores the borderlands between the inner and outer landscape, between myth and reality, youth and burgeoning adulthood.
Paperback, 112 pages b/w | ISBN 978-90-8988-122-7 | € 16,95 > SHOP
CONVENTION EDITION, limited to 25 signed copies with extra signed print | € 22,50 > SHOP
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Cahier noir 2
by Ibrahim R. Ineke
• 32 page brochure with (fragments of) new work from the most interesting new Dutch comics artist today.
Softcover, 32 pages black/white | ISBN 978-90-8988-111-3 | € 4,95 > SHOP

Cahier noir
by Ibrahim R. Ineke
• 32 page brochure with (fragments of) new work from the most interesting new Dutch comics artist today.
Softcover, 32 pages black/white | ISBN 978-90-8988-110-6 | € 4,95 > SHOP

Half blood
by Ibrahim R. Ineke
• Second graphic novel by Dutch author Ibrahim R. Ineke. Hermetic, alienating, mystical, poetic and graphically stunning.
Hardcover, 56 pages black/white | ISBN 978-90-8988-102-1 | € 19,95 > SHOP
COMIC FAIR EDITION • Limited edition of 25 copies with extra piezography in colour, signed by the author (see second image left) | € 34,95 > SHOP

The white people
by Ibrahim R. Ineke
• Fascinating English language debut by Dutch author Ibrahim R. Ineke, drawn in a remarkably apt style. An enigmatic and penetrating story, based on an original short story by the British writer Arthur Machen.
Hardcover, 48 pages b/w and partly colour | ISBN 978-90-8988-085-7 | € 19,95 > SHOP
DELUXE EDITION with extra dustjacket and signed print (see second and third image left) | € 39,95 > SHOP
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The tarot - a short introduction
by Marcel Ruijters
• Small leporello booklet with a short (English) introduction to the tarot game. Accompanied by a full deck of 80 tarot cards in colour. All booklets are signed by the author.
Leporello 7 x 12 cm, 10 pages colour + tarot deck | ISBN 978-90-8988-086-4 | € 34,95 > SHOP
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by Andreas
• 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of the b/w illustration that Andreas originally made for "L'univers des dragons" (Daniel Maghen, 2007).
• Large size (68x48,5 cm or 26¾"x19") and extremely detailed, for days of puzzle fun.
Jigsaw puzzle in cardboard box | € 29,95 > SHOP
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19 march 2017